Thursday, April 24, 2014

Don't Dwell On Past Errors In Judgment

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Do you worry too much about what you did days, weeks, months or years ago in your writing world? I think a lot of us spend more time than is good for us regretting the way we wrote a story or a response to an editor when a story was rejected.--even a scathing critique we might have given someone who wrote a god-awful story.

How many times can we tell ourselves--I wish I had...  or I never should have...? We shouldn't put our past problems, or perhaps a better term is errors in judgement, in a position to hinder our writing world future.

Think about the past but don't dwell on it. 

Maybe some of you don't even want to think about those things you now regret. My thought is that we need to think about it in order to learn from it. I firmly believe that we learn from our mistakes. Or maybe I should rephrase that to we are given th e opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We need to look back and do two things:
   1.  figure out why what happened was a mistake or error in judgement
   2.  decide what can be learned from the experience.

Think about the past but don't let whatever happened overwhelm you. You can't change what happened but you do control the present and the future. Make both your top priorities.

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