Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time To Make A Plan

It's here! At least on the calendar, spring is here. I'm happy to say that it is happening here in the Kansas City area just as it should. A cold, sunny morning and to reach 70 this afternoon. We're spending a few days with our grandkids who are on Spring Break this week. Mom and Dad still have to go to work, so we were invited to come and be in charge.

Jordan and Cole are 10 and 7 years old and quite independent. They're good conversationalists so we talk about all kinds of things. They often inspire me to write something. 

It's such a nice day that we all want to do something outside this afternoon. So scratch that original movie plan. There's a nice arboretum about 15 minutes away from their house which might be a nice place to take a long walk and then visit the science exhibit in the administration building. Cole just suggested we go to the Louisburg Cider Mill--a mile away--and have hot cider and buy their awesome (his word) cider donuts to have for breakfast tomorrow. 

We'll come up with a final plan soon. Which brings me to today's thoughts on writing. We do need to have a plan for our writing world. It doesn't have to be detailed and it needn't be set in cement either. It helps to have some kind of a plan to use for a springboard. 

Some people make a plan and then feel they can never veer away from it. I think it's just fine to make changes as you go. Use your plan for a starting place just like you find on the Monopoly game board, then move your game piece square by square. When you find inspiration along the way, go ahead and change the route. There might be some nice surprises along the way. 

Right now, I have a plan to finalize for the first day of spring with my two youngest grandchildren. 

Me with Cole and Jordan last year on Mother's Day

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