Friday, March 7, 2014

Look At Those Unfinished Writing Projects

Finish the book. The world is full of first chapters. Julia Quinn, author of Historical Romance novels said it. A writer friend posted the quote on facebook this morning. I fully agree with the quote, enough so to make it today's subject.

It's good advice for all writers, not just for those who write novels. We begin an essay or a short story and reach a sticky spot and set it aside. Sometimes we go back to it but all too often, we do not. I keep a folder labeled In Works. Every now and then, I leaf through the pages tucked inside and sometimes I have the urge to work on one of the pieces of writing that I'd hidden away for whatever reason.

We're not alone here. Women who sew or quilt start a project, get halfway through and set it aside. Sometimes they go back and finish that glorious quilt or a sweater they were knitting, but too often it lays untouched for months or even years. Men who enjoy working with wood probably have many unfinished projects, too. Creative people don't always create in a perfect beginning to end fashion.

What do you do with unfinished writing? I hope you save it somewhere. Please don't just delete it and move on. If the beginning idea came to you alright, then surely you can find a way to finish it. Maybe there will be major changes or perhaps you'll get beyond that trouble spot that made you give up and move on right from where you left off. It's even possible that the unfinished piece will give you a completely new idea.

Sometime this next week, look back at the unfinished projects you have put aside. Look at each one with an objective eye, if possible. Make a list of the various ways you might finish each one. Then start working on them again. You might be glad you did.

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  1. I tend to finish what I start, but I have a list of project ideas I never even started. Those irk me.