Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thoughts On The Writing Process

I saw this poster on a Motivational facebook page this morning. It's something most likely used at motivational meetings in businesses but I think it works quite well for writers, too. Let's take it bit by bit.

We're all capable of that Think part and we can come up with an Idea for a story or poem. Maybe we don't find that idea on an everday basis but often enough to fuel our writing life. 

The next part is a little tricky. Try  That means you must actually sit down and begin writing a first draft. Or maybe just a first sentence which can sometimes be most difficult. Trying means you must put forth some real effort. If only the words would flow endlessly from brain to fingers as you write! What if it did work that way? That you made little or no effort, just allowed the words to come and form a coherent thought. You'd lose a lot of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment--two things that boost our morale and self-esteem. 

Do--Do Again--And Again--Keep On Doing  For writers, you can substitute other illuminating words. Try these:  Revise and Edit--Revise and Edit Again--And Again--Keep On Revising and Editing. The chart uses arrows to move from one to the other but in the writing world, those revisions and editing should not be done one right after the other. Remember to let the piece simmer on a shelf for a few days, even a week, in-between these steps. You'll see the places that need work so much better when you let some time elapse before moving to the next self-editing and revising process. 

Success!  That should be the ulitmate goal, the positive result of the entire process you've just gone through. You and I know that in the writing world that can happen but it can also end in rejection the first time you submit this story you've spent time and great effort upon. Writers must acquire the attitude that if the story isn't accepted on the first try they will send it somewhere else. And keep sending it until that success is achieved. 

Writing is not a zip-zap-zip-I'm-published kind of world. Stay on the writing world carousel and keep reaching for that gold ring. Eventually, it will be yours.

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