Friday, February 7, 2014

This and That On A Cold Friday

It's the end of a cold and snowy week so today I'm going to post a little of this and a bit of that. Let's begin with the entrancing photo below.

Unique Library: What could be more appropriate for a large public library than to have a facade of books. Downton Kansas City, Miss*ouri is home to this perfectly gorgeous library. Once a bank building, the inside is just as impressive. Read more about it at this blog post. You might be surprised that the author of the posting loved this building so much, her wedding took place there.

Workshops for Writers: I'd love to list all the workshops for writers offered around the USA but there are far too many. There are national, regional, and local community workshops and/or conferences, as well as online. I received an email the other day from a representative of the Highlights Foundation who wanted to publicize the many workshops put on by the Highlights For Children Magazine. They are geared to those who write for children, held in Pennsylviani and I believe they have some scholarships to help with expenses. Learn more about these workshops here. Do a quick search via google or some other search engine to locate other workshops and conferences that are closer to your home area to help you assemble all the pieces of the puzzle of being a published writer. 

Calls for Submissions:  Accidents happen and some of them are quite beneficial. Yesterday, I accidentally found a website that is a treasure trove of help in marketing your stories, articles and poem. Believe me, I quickly bookmarked it. Check it out here. Spend some time on this website and return to check new additions on a regular basis. 

Revising and Editing:  I can't say it often enough. The revising and editing part of writing is of five star importance. Yes, * * * * * of them. The point came rushing at me this week as I've been writing a story for a new Chicken Soup book. One of the members of my critique group found many places in the first draft that needed work. I used many of her suggestions in revising and then popped it off to her in hopes she'd take a quick look to see if she thought it was improved enough to send on its way. She gave me far more than a 'quick look' and sent it back to me. And yes, it is going through another revision. Frustrating in some respects, but also extremely helpful. 

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