Monday, February 24, 2014

Long or Short--Stay on the Road

I feel safe in saying that almost all writers will agree with this poster quote. Author Unknown is at the bottom which is rather sad as I think it's a wonderful quote. 

This is a poster you can enlarge, print and post in your workspace as a daily reminder. Or put it on the fridge as it might be of some worth to the others in your home, too. 

Those difficult roads we travel only make the beautiful destination all that much better. Would you apprciate having your story or book published the first time you ever submitted? Of course, you would appreciate it once you stopped jumping up and down with glee, but I don't think the appreciation would be nearly as great as it would be had you traveled down those difficult roads for a lengthy time. 

We have all heard stories of now-famous authors who submitted a manuscript for a book to publisher after publisher until finally one decided to take a chance and accepted it. It happens all the time. Once they achieve fame, and maybe wealth, I'm betting they don't forget those long, bumpy roads they traversed to get to that beautiful place they're now in. It may be why so many celebrated authors are willing to mentor some of the newbies. They know what it's like at the beginning of the journey and they know how much encouragement from another author helps.

For some, those difficult roads are much longer than for others. As you move down that road, keep those signs held high, one in each hand. What signs? you ask? The ones that hold my two keywords in our writing world--Patience and Perseverance. 

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