Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Memoir Site Offers Many Things To Writers and Readers

Matilda Butler, Kendra Bonnett and Rosie

Several years ago, I found a website that was of great interest to me. I wasn't looking for it, just kind of ran across it. And how glad I am that I did. Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett provide a wealth of information for memoir writers. Now, don't turn away saying I don't write memoir, this is not for me. The reason being that, even though memoir is the concentration here, good writing is featured at every turn. These two women are passionate about helping people tell their stories but they also promote good writing. They provide writing exercises, help with journaling and a myriad of other writing related subjects along with video seminars.

They have their own books featured on the website as well as a contest page, free books, workshops and more on the website. Check it out here.  The book I've pictured above is a series of true stories about women who personify the WWII Rosie the Riveter image. Strong, courageous, and tough--those were the women of the WWII years. But this is not Matilda and Kendra's only book. One that I purchased last summer is an award winning craft of writing book pictured below. I read the entire book on our flight from England to home last summer. Nonfiction--not a steamy romance chapter or a thriller/chase in it but it held my interest across the ocean and the USA. It's an excellent guide for nonfiction writers, but there is also much of worth to the fiction writer in this book. After one read-through, you'll want to go back and read chapters of particlar interest more than once. You can order it at the website.


Since I write a lot of family stories, I entered the contests these two editors run periodically. And I've been a winner many times. Check out the latest contest page and see what you might have to enter. The theme is "How I Met Your Father" which should prompt many fine stories. 

My aim in introducing you to these two editors, their contests, books and workshops is twofold. I think it is worth your time to visit the website and find out what may be of use to you. And I am also prefacing an announcement about some new ebooks Matilda and Kendra have just published. There are four volumes in this anthology series with the overall title Seasons of Our Lives. Each book features one of our four seasons with 25 appropriate memoir stories. There is much to relate about the books and I'll do that in tomorrow's post. These new books are perfect for readers who write and also just those who enjoy reading. 

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