Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking Forward to Reading Time

We're getting ready to leave on a little winter getaway trip. Our house is in good hands and we are packed and will be ready to hit the road in the morning. Destination:  Phoenix with a stop in Dallas to see our son and family for a couple days and then a couple more in the wonderful Hill Country west of San Antonio. From there, it's off to Phoenix where we will visit family and friends. 

I have a book bag that goes with me when we take a trip, whether for a weekend or 3 weeks. It actually has a little metal tag that says Book Bag. This morning, I decided I'd better fill the bag with reading material. Picked out two of the Catherine Cookson treasures I'd found last summer in England. I have been reading the six of them slowly as I don't want to have the joy of finding them over too soon.

After selecting the two books I wanted, I spied some other books underneath the Cookson ones. What a happy find. There were three novels that I'd bought last fall at a book outlet shop at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. With fall activities and then the holidays plus reading for my book club, I'd never gotten to them and had forgotten they were even there. Think of it! New novels waiting to be opened and read. So, into the book bag along with one for Ken and a pad of paper in case I get motivated to write something while sitting in the car all those hours. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward more to the trip itself or the books I'm bringing along.

Time to read is a pleasure but often scarce. I try to create more of it at home but it doesn't always work. On a trip, though, I can usually find plenty of reading time. Especially in airports or in the car. Helps while away the sometimes boring hours.

I will be posting here as often as possible while on this trip. Hope to have some pictures to share and tales to tell. 


  1. Hi Nancy! Since becoming a writer, I've discovered that I have a really hard time finding books that I like enough to read! I've always been kind of picky about books anyway, and since I'm so busy with writing, blogging, promoting, etc....a book has to REALLY be up my alley and be good before I spend time reading it! Love your blog and I'm a new follower!

  2. Thanks for the comment and for signing on as a follower, Becky.