Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do You Have A Special Writing Place?

This photo poster brought two questions to mind. 

1. Do you have a favorite place where you read in your home?  This little spot above looks so inviting. I can just see curling up with a good book on that soft cushion surrounded by books. I'd have to have a little space on the bottom shelf cleared where I could place my teacup or glass. I'm wondering what is in the drawers at the bottom. More books perhaps? One thing I wondered about was how good the light would be in a cozy nook like this one. I'm big on having proper light to read by. Eyes are so precious and I urge us all to treat them with care. 

2.  Do you have a specific place in your home where you write? When I started writing 20+ years ago, I plunked my electric typewriter on the kitchen table and tapped away. It wasn't ideal because I had to clean up the mess at the end of my writing session so we could eat there. I tried setting up a card table in a spare bedroom which worked alright when I happened to be in the middle of a bigger project. But I still had to clean it up when guests came to stay or company coming who would walk by the doorway on the way to the guest bathroom. The house we live in now has 4 bedrooms so we turned the smallest into a home office. And of course, the electric typewriters is stashed on the closet shelf. Now, I can pop in here and write for 15 minutes on my laptop whenever the mood moves me, or I can spend all morning here. The best part is that it is always ready for me and my writing library, files, paper and more are also in this room.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an entire room for their writing spot. I do have to share it with my husband but he's in here a whole lot less than I am. If you can designate even a corner of a room to call your own special writing place, you're ahead of the game. Look at that little nook for reading in the picture. Tiny! But wonderful. Look for a spot in your home with a writer's eye. I have a feeling you can create space somewhere where you can write. 

There are writers who still prefer writing in longhand first, and you can take a pad and pen with you to almost anywhere in your home or yard. Even to that special little reading nook you may have created. That's fine, but you're going to have to transcribe that longhand sooner or later and you'll need a place to do it. 

A friend in Atlanta has a small home, but she transformed a small walk-in pantry into her office. A clever carpenter put in a desk and cabinets on the lengthwise wall, painted everything a pleasant white so she didn't feel so closed in and she had enough room to add her chair. Small but perfect. 

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