Thursday, January 2, 2014

Call For Submissions On A Snowy Day

winter snow road

This morning we are seeing the aftermath of last evening's snow. Only a couple of inches for us but a whole lot of folks across the northern and middle tiers of the USA are getting buried in the cold beauty. It is truly beautiful to look out your window right after it snows--pretty as a picture as the old saying goes, but for me, pretty goes just so far. I much prefer summer, even when it hits 100'. As long as I'm in the A/C of course. Nothing spoiled about me, is there?

Snowy days provide us time to stay indoors, if we're fortunate not to have to go to work elsewhere, and give us time to devote to our writing. To kick off the new year, I've got a few calls for submissions for you to look into. Go through your files and see if you have something that might work. Or better yet--maybe you'll be inspired to write something new to send to one of these places. 

For those who have never submitted their writing for publication, it's a daunting process at times and it takes some learning as you go. But every writer started with that very frist submission at some point. If you don't take that first step, you'll never make progress on the path to publication. Now, for today's list. Click on the highlighted print to get the link to read more. Read guidelines carefully.

1.  Whispering Prairie Press  Based in Kansas City, this magazine for the arts and literature is not limited to Kansas City writers. Anyone can submit to Kansas City Voices  

2.  Carte Blanche a literary magazine

3.  Chicken Soup for the Soul  This page will show you the books that need stories. Be sure to visit other pages on the site to get guidelines 

4.  Tablerock Poetry Festival Anthology  Deadline is February 6th--looking for poem about dogs and cats

5.  The First Line  An interesting website that gives the first line and asks writers to finish the story. Check the website and then go to submission page

6.  Fun For Kidz magazines  For children's writers. Several magazine under one publisher. Spend time looking over the website and guidelines

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