Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Writer's Christmas Wish List

It's Christmas Eve day and Santa is double checking his list for all the good boys and girls and a bunch of us grown-up kids, too. If you've been bad this year, there's no more time to make up for it. What it is today is what it is!

Here's my Christmas Wish List for all my writer friends. I wouldn't mind some of these items for myself, as well. A few are definitely dream items while others are very possible.

1. Inspiration to write every day

2. A publisher knocking on the door begging to buy your book manuscript.

3. Editors so happy with your work that they write to ask you to submit

4. Being able to write a good first draft

5. Story ideas on a regular basis

6. The ability to overcome the rejections that arrive

7. New markets for your writing

8. A new mentor

9. Paying publications rather than non-paying

10. A better vocabulary to draw from

11. Perfect punctuation

12. Marvelous mechanical skills of writing

Maybe you can add a few more to your Writers Christmas Wish List. May you get at least a few of them.

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