Friday, November 8, 2013

The French Connection--Sort Of

Let's finish the week with a picture prompt writing exercise. The two pictures I've posted were taken when we visited France. The first one is a street in Paris lined with trees. The second is in Giverny, a small town north of Paris, where famed artist Claude Monet lived with his family and where he created his famous gardens. 

Choose one of the pictures, or both, to write a paragraph or a story. Take time to study both pictures. Let your imagination run wild. You may decide to write a story that begins on that Parisian street and move to the country village where Monet painted for so many years. Who is the woman in the picture? A tourist? A caretaker? An author writing a book about the artist? Is she happy being there or would she rather be home doing something else. What about that tree-lined street? Where does it lead? Who is going to walk or run from one end to the other? Who is behind one of the trees?

Does the picture, or pictures, make you want to write fiction? Or perhaps you are inspired to write an essay instead. Or a poem. My pictures but the writing is your choice. You are in the pilot's seat so soar to the heights with your imagination. 

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