Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never Stop Learning

This morning, I discovered a website geared to helping those who write essays. Essay Daily will send straight to your inbox if you subscribe. I found it only because of a link on another newsletter I subscribe to that is also aimed at essay writers. Be sure to look at links given in  a blog because you may find excellent information or even hidden treasure.

For those of you who write personal essays, it would be well worth your time to take a look at the essay I read today. Written by an editor, it's a good explanation of this type of writing, the kind that comes through the retelling of a personal experience. Like all writing, there are guidelines. A writer may relate something that happened to them in eloquent prose but if he/she doesn't let the reader know what was learned or what universal truth it illustrates, then the essay has little chance of being published. 

Go to Essay Daily to read what Stephanie G'Schwind, the editor-in-chief and nonfiction editor of Colorado Review, has to say about writing personal essays. After you read her gift to writers, as that is what I consider her piece to be, take some time to browse the website to determine if you'd like to sign on as a subscriber. I sometimes subscribe to a newsletter that I liked a lot at first glance, then find as time goes on, that maybe it isn't what is going to be as meaningful in my writing world as I thought. So I unsubscribe. Easy fix! 

Whatever the kind of writing you do, it is well worth your time and effort to read all you can about it. Never, ever think you can't learn more. Mastering the craft of writing is an ongoing process that has no exit door. No matter how successful you become as a writer, you can still learn something from others. 

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