Monday, November 4, 2013

A New Chicken Soup for the Soul Book

This is the cover for a brand new Chicken Soup for the Soul book. It is the fourteenth one in which one of my stories has appeared. The theme on this one is friendship and the stories explore that special relationship for women of all ages.

I submitted my story on March 27, 2012. Publication came 1 year and 7 plus months after submission. If you want to see your work in a Chicken Soup book, you learn to be patient. And no, I still don't like all the waiting time but I'm not the one in control of that part of the process. 

You can order the book now on Amazon for less than the $14.95 price it will be in bookstores. Some people order all their books online while others still feel the need to search the bookshelves in a shop. The book will be available in bookshops on Tuesday, November 5th.

My story is titled "New Friends, Faraway Friends, Forever Friends." It's about a very special friendship I have with a woman who lives in South Africa. The story details the place and way in which we met back in 1988, continues on through our firendship and that of our husbands, as well, up to this day. I have been blessed to have many friends in my life and Mavis is a very special one. 

The Chicken Soup books make great gifts for friends and family. The nice part of an anthology like this is that you can read one or two or three stories, put the book down and pick it up again a week later and keep right on going until you finish. The gift giving season is nearly upon us so do consider a book like this. And no, I do not receive any royalties if you purchase one or even a dozen of the books. The story authors receive a flat fee and 10 copies of the book. I have enjoyed giving my extra books to family and friends.

I have submitted several other stories for upcoming Chicken Soup books and am once again playing the waiting game. Perhaps one day that special message will appear in my Inbox that tells me my story has made it to the final cut stage, and then there will be more waiting before I learn if it will appear in the book. Add a few more months after that before the book is published. Is it any wonder that Chicken Soup authors may be the most patient people in the world? 

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