Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Something To Include In Your Family Memories Book

Fox News posted this photo on facebook this morning. The royal baby that so many waited for this past summer is to be christened today. Prince George, pictured with Mum and Dad, looks pretty calm for such an auspicious occasion. 

For those of you who are Christians, have you written about the day each of your children was baptized? Those special moments deserve space in your Family Memories Book. Even if they happened many years ago, I'm willing to bet each mother and father still have a clear memory of the day. Don't each of your children deserve to have a written memory of that day, too? 

Perhaps other religions have a similar day--maybe a dedication ceremony of some sort. If that's the case, you could write about that special time in your child's life. Some Christian denominations do not have infant baptism, but you can still write a fine story about the baptism of a son or daughter who is approaching or in their early teens. 

My son was born in early February, and his Baptismal Day was March 10th. We had given a lot of thought as to whom we would ask to act as his sponsors, or godparents. An older couple who were good friends to us became Kirk's godparents that day, and what a good choice we made. They were a very special part of his life for a long time. Grandparents, aunts and uncles came to share the day with us. One of Ken's brothers and family got lost on the way to the church and never made it to the service. I kept turning around hoping to see them come down the aisle of the church after the service had started. No such luck. We never saw them unti we arrived back at out house for the big dinner afterward. As I think about it now, many more little details come to mind. I haven't written the story for my son yet, nor one for my daughter, but it's going on my To Do List right now.

Karen was born the end of November and her Baptismal Day was December 26th. I didn't need to look up the dates, as they are etched into my memory even these several decades later. Karen's godparents were the same as Kirk's. My friend offered her own christening dress for Karen to wear. She said she'd wished she had thought of it for Kirk's special day, too, but at least one would get to wear the beautiful long white gown. I was thrilled to use it but also terrified the baby would spit up formula all over it. She didn't but it I still worried. Once again, family and friends were invited to this day after Christmas event, but our crowd dwindled one by one as a virulent flu bug was making the rounds at that time. Our phone rang several times that day with cancellations. The main characters for this event all made it, however, and our little girl was duly baptized in her godmother's baby gown. Again, there are more details I can add when I write this story for my Family Memories Book. 

Hopefully, my memories here might trigger some of your own. If you haven't already written a story like this for your own book, maybe it's time to do so. Let's hope Kate will write a story for Prince George to read many years from now. Then again, maybe she'll just have to clip several out of the UK newspapers. One of the perks of being a celebrity! 

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