Friday, October 11, 2013

How Do You Look At Life?

I couldn't resist this beautiful blushing rose with the positive message it bears. The flower and the color are positives in themselves, even without the words of wisdom. This one comes from a facebook page called Daily Dose.

I've always been a person who prefers concentrate on the good things in my life and tried to push the negatives into a corner where I don't need to look at or deal with them. I know people who prefer to live doing exactly the opposite. They dwell so much on the dark parts of life that they never let the sunshine of the good things come through. I think it's pretty obvious which kind of people have the more satisfying life.

Sure, bad things happen to all of us but rather than sink into them, I try to deal with it and move on. I also have learned over the many decades of my life that some good comes from all bad. Sounds crazy to some people, but you can always find a kernel of goodness or hope in every difficult situation. Sometimes, you have to look pretty hard to find it, but I assure you--it's there. 

How do you view life's ups and downs? Something to ponder. Perhaps something to change in your life. Change is never easy but it can be so very beneficial if you stop resisting. Whether it's in your writing life, your family life, in a relationship or anything else, you hold the key to making things more positive. Try it and see if what the rose above tells us is true. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

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