Friday, October 25, 2013

Assignment? Imagination!

Let's finish the week with a writing exercise using the picture above. It's a place called Howard Arms in a small village in England. It's a pub with B&B rooms on the top floor. No elevator, one must haul the luggage up the steep stairway.. We had a wonderful dinner here one summer evening, enjoying not only the excellent food but rubbing elbows with local folk. There was a chill to the air that night and the roaring fire in the large stone fireplace proved very welcome. The well-worn tables and chairs proved inviting and comfy.

I've given you the setting and the picture. For this exercise, you create the characters and the situation using this pub as the place of action. If you would like to share what you've written with me and our readers, I'd be delighted. Add it to the comments section and I promise to respond.

Work on it today or over the weekend. Make your effort light and humor-filled or dark and eerie. Will it be the beginning of a Halloween tale or one of frivolity? Use your creativity to the fullest here. You are in control.


  1. Very nice Pub! A wonderful meal and enjoyable evening spent with special friends. Much love from M and M

    1. What a delightful surprise to find your comment. And yes, it was a most enjoyable evening we spent together, one of ever so many.