Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Plan B Turns Out Just Fine

Hermann, Missouri

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Restaurant at Stone Hill Winery

Ken and I are on a short getaway trip. We had planned on spending all week in the mountains of Colorado at a resort near Vail. We had to cancel due to the terrible flooding in the foothills west and north of Denver. Roads washed out, bridges washed away, thousands of homes lost and mudslides happening. My heart goes out to those who live there and will be dealing with the aftermath for a very long time. So, on to Plan B for us.

We decided to head east, rather than west. We drove about 5 hours from our home in Kansas to reach Hermann, MO. It's a small town founded by German immigrants and still bears the flavor of a German town. We'd stopped here 41 years ago for a very short time and had always wanted to come back. Never say never!

The picture on the right shows part of Hermann and the one on the left is the restaurant we ate at last night. The restaurant is part of the Stone Hill Winery, where we had taken a tour and participated in a wine tasting earlier in the day. We explored the small community and stopped in a few shops. Most of the shopping here is geared to people who like antiques. That's not me so I can get past those shops pretty fast. 

We're staying in a B&B that is one of close to 70 in the area. Hermann has many festivals that bring people from afar. Oktoberfest every weekend in October and Maifest in May. I believe there is a big craft fair in November. And of course, the town itself draws history buffs. Our stay here at Capt. Wohldt's Inn has been very nice. 

I am always telling people that there are stories everywhere. We found one yesterday. I was looking at a display of some clever wine bottle holders at the winery yesterday when a woman next to me made a comment about the item I was looking at and I answered her. We were in a complete conversation very quickly. Turned out she and her husband live in the town where we had been on Friday for the Painting/Poetry Exhibition. Then the tour began, and they were in that group, too. Later, we checked in at the B&B and the same couple walked in right behind us. The Inn has 3 buildings and the couple were in the same one as ours. Shouldn't have been a surprise by this time. We were destined to meet and spend some time together. Last evening, we spent some time in the Gathering Room and they gave us some tips on other places to visit in this area. 

Ken went out for an early mornng walk today, and several blocks away, it began to rain. He'd bought a newspaper which was almost as wet as he was by the time he got back to the inn. Hope it is just a quick morning rain and will clear up for us later on.

Next on the program is breakfast at another building across the street. B&B breakfasts are usually of such quality and quantity that you seldom need to have lunch later in the day. Our new friends chose the same time as we did for the breakfast and I'm looking forward to sharing the meal with them.

Later today, we're on to another place in this Plan B of ours. Wondering if there will be another story there. Come back tomorrow to see where we are.

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