Monday, September 2, 2013

One Powerful Word for Writers

I saw this poster on facebook this morning, placed there by Dave's Words of Wisdom. It's a great place to check for inspirational, motivational poster quotes. 

This one seemed made for Writer Granny's World because I have so many posts that address exactly what it says, sometimes parts of it and other times pretty much all of what it says. Those who read this blog regularly know that my two keywords for writers are patience and perseverance. I've mentioned them about a gazillion times in the 4+ years of my blog's existence. 

You've heard me talk about the last two parts of this quote many a time, but today, let's look at the first section. Believe--one simple word that holds a great deal of power. If you are looking for success as a writer, and nearly all writers are, the very first thing you must do is believe in yourself. 

It's a rare bird that would be an outstanding writer in beginning days. Even so, you must believe that you can be a good writer with time by practicing and perfecting your skill. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either. Trash the negative thoughts that accompany those rejections you get. You get them, I get them, my other writer friends get them, but we don't dare let them take precedence in our goal to be a published writer. Believe that you can grow as a writer and you will. No, not by sitting on the sofa and waiting for it to happen but by working at it.

A writer must sell him/herself to not only editors and publishers but to their readers. Any salesman will tell you it's a whole lot easier to sell a product that you believe in. You might be thinking But I'm a writer, not a salesman. In the writing world, you have to be both a writer and a salesman of sorts. Believe that you can do it and most likely, you will. 

Believe--a word filled with power to help you soar to new heights. 

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