Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Sunset Inspires A Writing Exercise

Today, we're heading home and I'm ready to be there. Getting away for a few days is nice, but home is always best. I am writing this on a hotel computer as the wi-fi is not working here in our room. Frustrating when there are things to do on the computer. Yesterday's post here was written in paragraphs and when it was published, it came out in one big blob of a paragraph. Hoping that is not the case today. But if so, it was Blogger, not me. After seeing the unbelievably beautiful sunset over the lake while we ate dinner last evening, I thought a good writing exercise might be to write a paragraph or two describing a sunset in a place of your choice. Pick a lake, the ocean, the mountains, the tallgrass prairie or as seen from the roof of a tenement building in a poverty-stricken area. Pick a person who is viewing the sunset, include something of their character as well. Anyone brave enough to post what you've written? We'd love to see the results. This kind of exercise can lead to a full story. Writing exercises are great motivators. Give it a try on this Thursday morning.

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