Friday, August 2, 2013

Delaying Doesn't Produce Results

The little kitty above is doing something many writers don't. They put off finishing a chapter or a story. It's so easy to put other things ahead of our writing projects. Sure, there are plenty of other chores and projects that need our attention but we still occasionally delay working on writing and especially on rewriting.

I can attest to that because I've done it. I have a story that has gone through the first draft and three critiques. I know what has to be done to make it a better story, but I've pushed it aside day after day this past couple of weeks. Busy weeks to be sure. All this week, Ken and I have been taking care of our two youngest grandchildren while their parents are on vacation alone. One forgets how much attention is needed for even a 6 and 9 year old. But that's not the best excuse in the world, is it? Lots of moms write every day and continue to be a mother and caregiver while they write.

Part of the reason I'm not working on the particular piece mentioned is that I'm not sold that it's really a story worth finishing. It's meant for an anthology and it fits the theme but I don't think it sparkles in any way. Maybe it could if I keep working on it. I won't know unless I apply butt to chair and fingers to keyboard and see what happens during the rewrite. Delaying doesn't produce results.

How many unfinished stories, poems, articles or song lyrics do you have in your files? I doubt that many can answer None! There are times when we can't get motivated to write a brand new story which is the perfect time to pull out an old one or an unfinished one and get to work on it. For one thing, a story that you haven't looked at for quite awhile can appear altogether different to you. Maybe a place where you were stuck can suddenly present a solution, or perhaps a lot of it can be deleted and new put in.

Maybe, as writers, we should set aside one day a week or even one day a month, to work on those unfinished projects. Imagine the great feeling of satisfaction you'll receive when you do. You'll also have something new to submit to an editor.

Looks like the cat has a better attitude than I do and perhaps some of you, as well. Are we going to let a cat get the best of us? I hope not. We're going home tomorrow and the first writing project I'm going to do is rewrite that anthology story and send it in. How about you?

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