Friday, July 19, 2013

Make Writing Exercises A Habit

Writing exercises are never a waste of time. They motivate, inspire and help us polish our writing. They are no different than a basketball player making 100 baskets before heading to the locker room on a Monday afternoon. He's increasing his skill and so will you when you make writing exercises a habit.

Today, it's time for another picture prompt writing exercise. But this time, I'm going to give you a few items that should be evident in your story or paragraphs that you write.

These are the things you should include:

1.  3 people
2.  an aroma (and it doesn't need to be the obvious flowers)
3.  a loud noise
4.  laughing
5.  tears

Does that start that wheels in your mind spinning? Study the picture for as long as it takes for an idea to begin to take shape. Then begin writing but be sure to use the five items listed for you. Your story/paragraphs can be silly, serious, mildly humorous, sad, poetic--whatever you choose.

I'd love it if you'd share your effort with us in the comments section. No one is going to judge it. It would be interesting to see the different directions people take with this. Even if you don't do the exercise (but I hope you will), you've had an opportunity to gaze on a very lovely scene. Now, where do you suppose it is?

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