Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Join Me At A Literary Tea Party

Tomorrow, August 1st, is the first of a 31 day tea party. And you are invited! The invitation above gives you the URL that lets you in the door. It's a longer tea party than most but it's also one filled with fun, excitement, and giveaways. That's right! You can win all kind of things related to tea parties and the lauching of a brand new novel.

Jessica Dotta is a friend and wonderful writer all rolled into one. I spent a week with Jessica at our online writing group's conference last April. The entire group is very excited about her debut novel, Born Of Persuasion. The story is set in Victorian era England and has been compared to Jane Austen's works. But it was Jessica who wrote this intriguing story--one that will keep you turning pages late into the night. You can read an early review here. The really good news about this novel is that it is the first of a trilogy, so when you finish the first one, another will soon be ready.

New books need to attract attention. Jessica's Tea Party is one way to let readers know about her book. I told this fine author that I'd love to help her launch this first novel. What better way than to bring my own readers to the party with me. You'll notice that I'm all set to go with my hat, gorgeous necklace and teacup.I'm also going to change my profile picture on my facebook page to my Tea Party outfit. I hope you'll join me for some fun and a chance to win a neat prize. I'm donating one of the prizes myself. Check every day to see what is being given away.

If you like historical fiction and also have been hooked on the PBS Downton Abbey series, and if you enjoy gathering with friends for tea and conversation, please drop in at least once each day. Pass the invitation on to your reading friends. Jessica is happy to welcome all who want to attend her party. 

The novel 

You can preorder the novel at Amazon or Barnes and Noble for a great read.

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