Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good News From Chicken Soup for the Soul

This chicken soup or.....

What is more satisfying than a bowl of chicken soup on a chilly day? Or when you're not feeling so hot? Even better when it's homemade. 

In the literary world, we've come to connect chicken soup with the very popular anthology series Chicken Soup for the Soul. Every time I think there can be no new titles in this series of creative nonfiction stories, up pops another one. 

Those who read this blog regularly know that I am a great supporter of the Chicken Soup books. Maybe it's because they have published 13 of my stories over the years. That definitely figures into the equation. I like the books because they are easy to pick up and read a few stories, put it down and pick it up a week later and keep right on going. Also nice bedtime reading because the stories are warm, inspirational, mildly humorous--nothing that will give you nightmares. They also make excellent gifts. 

The publishers and editors know what they're doing and turn out a quality book every time. It's not easy to be successful and keep on being successful, but they've accomplished that. Being so popular, they receive literally thousands of submissions for new books. Consider having to read story upon story, day in and day out. It must get tiring at some point, but it also means the good ones stand out. The editors use a reader panel to read the group of stories selected. So, the stories are seen by more than just one editor. The readers rate the stories, and then the editors select from the top rated stories. 

Yesterday, I received a notice from a Chicken Soup editor that my story New Friends, Faraway Friends, Forever Friends will be included in the Just Us Girls book to be available in November. I'd been notified some time ago that my story had made it to the final cut stage. Good but no guarantee that it will survive and make it into the book. Happily, this story made it. This will be the 14th Chicken Soup for the Soul book for me, and you know what? It's still a thrill when that final notice arrives. 

I was asked to proofread the story that they had possibly edited and approve. I was most pleased to see that they had changed only one word, and that was a slang term. Otherwise, my story stood as I wrote it, and that made me happy. 

When the book comes out, I'll be sure to remind you. A November publication date means it will be a good Christmas or Hanukkah gift for a friend. But before that month rolls around, I'm going to see what kind of stories I can come up with for the other new titles Chicken Soup has. Take a look and see which ones you might like to submit to here

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