Monday, July 8, 2013

Goals, Plans and Wishes

When I first started writing, I wished a lot. I wished I could be a better writer. I wished that I would be published soon. Then when it happened, I wished that it would continue on a regular basis. I wished that I would gain a following of readers. I wished that I might win an award for one of my stories.

Wishes do come true, but wishing alone doesn't make it happen. You can make a list of Writer Wishes that spreads from here to there but that isn't going to ensure success. Sadly, we don't have a Writer Fairy who makes wishes come true for us. Oh, that we did! I'd talk ever so sweetly to her, send her little gifts, praise her to the skies. 

This is what my Writer Fairy would look like. Notice the expression on her face? It's as if she's telling me to get my own writer's life. I can almost hear her saying It's up to you, Honey. Wishes don't rain down like leaves in the fall you know. 

If she and I could sit down and have a cup of tea and some fairy cakes, I think she'd counsel me. She might hand me the poster at the top of this page. Read this and absorb she'd say as she nibbled at the tiny pink cake. Then I'd get 'the look' again. This fairy definitely has an attitude.

Three things you can do to become a successful writer:

1. Set a goal

2. Make a plan

3. Carry out the plan, step by step

I know that list is pretty general. It's up to you to add the sub-sections to it. You each have different goals, you'll each have a different plan, and every one of you will carry out the plan in a little different way. The main thing is to do it. 

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