Friday, June 7, 2013

Memories of June--Roses, Graduations, Weddings and More

We're well into the month of June. An entire week has gone by already. Today, I'm going to help you trigger a few memories about the month of June in your growing-up years, maybe your early adult life and beyond. Why? Of course you know why. It's to motivate you to add to your Family Memory Book. 

Only yesterday, a dear writer friend whose health is keeping her housebound now, wrote to me and sent me a few of the memory pieces she's writing so that her children and grandchildren will have a record of some of the decisions she's made and why she made them, some of the stories about her early life, her reactions to current events of the day and those behind. It's a veritable treasure chest she's leaving for her family. 

But back to June. What kind of things do you remember about June where you lived?

1.  What was the weather like?
2.  What flowers bloomed in June? Did you have roses in your yard?
3.  Were you still in school in June? What kind of end of the school year activities did you have?
4.  Did you play in any organized sports that began in June?
5.  What kinds of foods did your mom make to begin the summer?
6.  Were there June weddings in your family?
7.  Did you recognize and commemorate D-Day on the 6th of June?
8.  What activities did you and your siblings/friends like to do in June?
9.  Graduation often fell in June in years past--what graduation memories do you have?

As for me--school was never out until the end of the first week of June or even into the second week. I remember the teachers putting us all to work cleaning our classroom, going through cupboards and our desks, sorting things out for her and for ourselves. By the final day, our classroom looked neat and clean, ready for the next class to come in September. I think of June as good-bye time, as we said good-bye to our teachers and some of our classmates whom we would not see over the summer. My 8th grade graduation is so clear to me. I went to the same school from kindergarten through 8th grade with basically all the same kids. We had two classes of every grade, about 42 students combined. We girls made our graduation dresses in our 8th grade Home Economics class. Mine was pale pink with a Peter Pan collar, turned-up cap sleeves and a full circle skirt. It was 1953 when those full skirts and cinched in waists were in vogue. I remember hand hemming that full skirt, thinking I'd never reach the end. My mother agreed to let me buy a pair of white leather pumps to wear with the dress--my first high heels! What a thrill that was. My fifth and sixth grade teacher came to our graduation. Mr. Biddinger was our first male teacher in our school and dearly loved, and we were his first class. After the ceremony, he congratulated me and said, "Nancy, you walked better in your heels than any of the other girls." His comment meant so much to me then and it still does today. I have many more June memories which are going into my Memory Book. 

I posted a story about my wedding memories at Our Echo 3 years ago. You can read it here if you are curious. Then get started on your own memories.

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