Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Days in Cornwall

We have spent our fifth day in Cornwall, each of which has been outstanding! This southwestern peninsula of England is the supreme area, I think. It's a vactioner's paradise, even has palm trees! The temps are not like that of Florida, however. When it hits 60, we cheer. Most days have been in the mid to upper 50's but if the sun is shining, it's fine.

We've visited many interesting spots in this Cornish land, many of which I will write about when we get home later next week.

Our hotel has been top notch, only 18 rooms but wonderful and friendly service. The breakfast and dinner are included in the room price and the food is gourmet all the way.

We leave here tomorrow morning after one more sumptuous breakfast. We'll spend one night at a hotel on our way back to our friends' home in Hibaldstow, in the East Midlands area of England. 

There is something magical about being by the sea. I can sit and watch the water forever and never tire of it. It's a place to reflect on so many things, get story ideas and more.

Will post more later. I am writing this at the hotel desk. Now how many hotels can you do that? 

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