Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anniversary Memories Times Three

June is Wedding Anniversary month in our family. Today, our son and his wife celebrate 21 years of marriage. On the 20th, Ken and will be marking our 49th anniversary, and our daughter and her husband hit year number 11 on the 29th of June. I've liked having all these anniversaries fall in the same month.

Our three weddings were all very different, however. Ken and I had a very small church wedding with only 20 guests, most of whom were close family. We created a bit of a rift in my family when all the aunts and uncles weren't invited, but life went on. I wore a waltz length wedding dress with a bell skirt. Ever so fashionable in 1964.  Same with my Jackie Kennedy pillbox hat with veil. Whatever Jackie wore, the rest of the country wanted, too. At least, that's what the designers told us. To this day, Ken says ours was one of the nicest weddings he ever went to because we spent time with everyone who was there. We had a lovely wedding cake that my mother ordered at our local bakery. The people who owned the bakery happened to also be our next door neighbors who refused to take any payment. "It's our wedding gift," they told us. I expected that my mother would save part of the cake in the freezer for us to have on our first anniversary. What a dreamer I was. My three younger brothers polished it off after we'd left!

Kirk and Amy were married in her aunt and uncle's home in New Orleans. It beat us in number attending. They had around 60 people for a well-planned, went without a hitch, lovely wedding. A few years ago, I wrote a story about it and posted at Our Echo. You can read about the wedding with its New Orleans traditions here.Their daughters, pictured in the story, are each four years older now. This morning on facebook, Kirk posted a lovely message to his wife of 21 years which is what started me thinking about this triple anniversary month.

The third wedding happened 11 years ago when Karen married Steve on a tremendously hot day in Prairie Village, Kansas. Over 200 guests attended. These weddings seem to have grown with each successive one. It was another very special day for us, watching our youngest marry. Seeing her come down the aisle holding her dad's arm brought a flood of memories to me. The pastor forgot the sermon during the ceremony, but I doubt it bothered anyone. The wedding vows and the "I do" words were the necessary ones. We finished the day with a dinner and dance for wedding party and all the family and friends who had filled the church. As the evening came to a close, Karen and Steve thanked us for this special day. Little did they know that it was just as special for us as for them.

I wonder if I can talk to my Texas granddaughters and suggest that they carry on the tradition of a June wedding when their turn comes.

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