Monday, May 13, 2013

Write About A 5 Star Mother's Day

 Mother's Day 2013

Last week, I spent three days posting Mother's Day stories about my mother and my grandmother. But yesterday was Mother's Day 2013 and I had my own story. My daughter and her family spent the weekend with us which is a gift that doesn't need any ribbons or bows, but a gift nevertheless.

The picture is of our two youngest grandchildren and me in front of our house yesterday. Cole is 6 and Jordan 9. Grandma is...old enough. You can see in the picture that spring is definitely here now, the amazing shade of green that arrives in spring, the flowering trees and the many pots and beds that my husband keeps filled with colorful flowers. 

Cole and Jordan's other grandparents joined us for a wonderful brunch at the club we belong to. More food than any one human should consume at one time, but we made a good effort. All of us! 

Later in the day, my son called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He's far enough away that weekend visits are not feasible but phone calls are nice, too. Besides that nice call, I had several cards and email messages from others wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. 

The day was filled with the warmth of family and friends topped off by the beautiful spring day. 

I will give 5 stars to my Mother's Day 2013. How was yours? How about writing something about it to add to your Memory Book? Do it now while it's still fresh in your mind. That is the important thought in today's post. When you have something to write about, do as soon as possible while you remember the details, while the emotion connected is still with you. Wait a week, two or three and you lose a great deal of what made it special to you originally. 

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