Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time Is One Thing You Can Steal

This morning, I looked at my May calendar that is next to my phone in the kitchen. How in the world did we get to nearly the end of this month already? I had great thoughts way back in the early days of May about stories I wanted to write. Some others that needed revising and still others that I needed to polish up for the Kansas Authors Annual Contest which has a mid-June deadline.

My intentions were excellent but the social activities of this month nearly overwhelmed me. So many organizations hold end-of-year lunches or dinners before summer begins. Then factor in Mother's Day and graduations and birthdays of several people along with the normal routine things, and I found myself with nowehre near the writing time I'd hoped for. 

This past week, we traveled to Illinois to spend a few days with Ken's two brothers. It was a wonderful mini-reunion of the three brothers and their wives, but it sure cut into my writing time. You've read right here more than once about how I advised writers to make time to write. I do believe that, but sometimes life takes over and there is no way to make that time, or at least, no way to make as much time as you'd like. 

So, what am I going to do in this last busy week of May? I'm going to meet my obligations that are sprinkled throughtout the days marked on the calendar. But I'm also going to create a little "me" time so I can work on some of those projects. They may not be large blocks of time, but even 20 minutes or half an hour will help me make some progress. It might mean that I get up earlier and go to bed later than usual this week. I'll survive even if I'm caught yawning now and then. It will most likely be that I don't make meals that require a lot of time to prepare. If a friend calls and invites me over for coffee, I'm going to tell her I'd love to do it next week, that I cannot spare the time this week. 

Even when you feel swamped, you can still make a little time for the projects in your writing world. You only have to be rather creative. Wouldn't that be a good article for a woman's magazine? For the title---Make Time For The Things You Want To Do. Or Stealing Time For Yourself. 

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