Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Book Is More Than A Flat Object

We talked yesterday about this being Children's Book Week so let's continue with the book theme.  The poster above talks about the physical make-up of a book, that it's made from a tree, has flexible parts and is a flat object. If that was all a book gave us, they'd gather dust on a table as we ignored this 'object.'

But inside this flat object is the treasure. Actually, one might conisder a book to be a treasure chest like the pirates of old sought on many voyages. In those thousands of words printed inside that flat object we often find the gold. Not every book will offer something so valuable, but many, many of them will.

Part of it is up to the reader to discern which books are treasures and which ones bring nothing new or valuable into their life. I don't like all books in the same way but it's a very few that I ever tossed down in disgust  because I truly hated the book. No matter whether the book appeals in a big way or miniscule, I can reap something from those pages, or moveable parts stated in the poster above.

When I read a book, I am entertained, educated and happy. Yes, those flat objects make me happy. I've written many times about how the library feels like a second home to me, the place where I am most comfortable. When I hold a book in my hands and spend time reading, I feel totally at peace. I can block out any other cares in my life. Reading a book is definitely an escape mechanism in some respects.

How does reading one of those flat objects affect you? What are the feelings you have when you pick up a new book and settle down in a comfy chair to see what is inside?

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