Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ever Had Red Tea?

I like variety in my life. I don't like to keep eating the same foods over and over. I don't like reading all the same kinds of books. I don't like wearing the same type of clothes all the time. I like to keep changing and adding new things in most all parts of my world. Including my writing world.

My specialty is creative nonfiction but I like to write stories for kids, a bit of adult fiction, poetry, essays and even informational articles. Some of the latter are geared to writers but others are general information. 

This month, one of those articles has been published in The Best Times. This newspaper geared to seniors in the Kansas City area, primarily on the Kansas side of that dual-sided city, publishes articles of interest to older residents. There are healthcare articles, information on services available in the area, a bit of poetry and a readers share section. I've had several essays published by The Best Times. This time, they published an article  I sent them last September. The editor had accepted it but said it might be some time before it saw the light of day. Sounded like a maybe so I wasn't too hopeful.

I forgot about it until a writer friend who subscribes to the newspaper mentioned seeing my article in the April issue on her facebook page. Happy news to start the new month, even though it's National Poetry Month. Yesterday, I received my three author copies.

The article Try Some Red Tea! was meant to alert people to the fact that South African red tea has many good health benefits and is a welcome change from the ordinary black teas most of us drink. Green tea has become a popular tea, too, but I don't care for it. I learned about the red tea when visiting friends in South Africa where many people drink it regularly and hail its benefits. Read the article(click on the title) to learn more about rooibus, as it is called in Afrikkans. While you're on that page, give a look to the other articles in the newspaper. 

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