Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Books, Airports and Planes

Today is the day I spend time in airports and on a plane on my way to the writer's conference. When I travel, rule one is to have books with me. I absolutely cannot survive without books or magazines within close proximity whether I am at home or on a trip. There is always space reserved in my suitcase for books. Airport sitting time is tedious and boring unless I have a book in my hands. Same for on the plane.

It's one reason I've considered getting a kindle or some other kind of reader. It would be for the ease of taking my reading material along, and think of the space I'd have left in my suitcase for purchases along the way! But I keep delaying actually getting a kindle or a nook. I still love the feel of the book in my hands. 

I have two books to take along on this trip. One is a fairly new John Grisham novel titled The Litigators. I have always enjoyed Grisham's books. He is a true storyteller who creates believable characters. 

The other one is written by Wm. Paul. Young, author of The Shack, a Top Ten book of a few years ago. This newest title is Cross Roads and from what the frontispiece tells me, it is in the same vein as his earlier novel. Religion and soul searching play into both stories. I must admit I had dragged my feet on reading The Shack, but when I did, I wondered why I'd waited so long to read this amazing story. A quote from the publisher of Young's first book says "Paul Young, author of the international bestseller THE SHACK, tells a story of the incremental transformation of a man caught in the torment of his own creation, somewhere between Heaven and Earth." I'm guessing that I'll be similarly impressed with this book which I will begin today while waiting for my flight. 

At home, I'm reading a Daniel Silva thriller novel which is the selection for May in my Book Club. The pace is fast and I'm sailing through the nearly 500 pages at a rapid pace, but not fast enough to finish before I leave on my travels.

I want to get Maeve Binchy's last book which was published after her death. The manuscript had been finished but not published prior to her unexpected and much-nourned death. I have no doubt that I'll like A Week In Winter as much as I enjoyed her many other novels. Like John Grisham, the woman was a master storyteller. I often get my books at the library but because this is her final book, I plan to buy it and keep it on my bookshelf when I finish reading.

What are you reading or hoping to read soon?  Click on the links in this post to see if any of these books appeal to you. We all like different types of books. My very favorite is historical fiction. 

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