Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Snow

Snow in April

The picture above was taken one January day a few years ago, but today, 23rd of April, looks much the same here in Manhattan, KS, often called The Little Apple. Those three trees in the photo are crabapples and they have leaves and buds ready to burst into lovely flowers, but this morning the trees are laden with a wet snow. The radio announced that a year ago on this date, we had a temperature of 91 degrees. Right now, it is 31! 

We are normally wearing spring and summer clothes by now, but this morning I opted for a nice warm sweater and winter-weight slacks. People are getting tired of the temperature roller coaster we've been on for weeks now. Spring smiles at us one day, and then winter comes back and knocks spring on her back. The forecast says we will be in the 70's by the week-end and all of next week. Are they going to tease us again and then slam us with a drop into the 30's? I certainly hope not. 

This brings me to thoughts of your Family Memory book. Be sure to add the weather stories. Weather plays a major part in our lives. It can create havoc with long-made plans. It can surprise us over and over again. Only several weeks ago, Manhattan had a day that felt more like midsummer, air-conditioning time,  in March. A town south and west of us has hail piled on the ground this morning. To our east, it's rain. Lucky us, we got the snow. Definitlely worth writing about. Spring of 2013 has been strange in many parts of the country, so lots of you will have something to add to your memory books. 

I had mentioned having a little surprise announcement today, but it's going to have to wait awhile longer. I need to check on a few things first.

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