Monday, April 1, 2013

April Is National Poetry Month

Today is the beginning of National Poetry Month. Read here about the background of this annual April event. I think the poster above is a great inspiration to write a poem. Give it a try and send it to us via the comments section. Don't worry, they won't be graded. Nor do we expect you to start writing poetry like Maya Angelou or Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. They had to start somewhere and so do you and I.

This morning's Kansas City paper had an article, titled Power of Poetry about a new poetry book put together by Caroline Kennedy with the help of some young people. Poems To Learn By Heart is a book of 100 poems selected by the group. Ms. Kennedy is in Kansas City on a book tour and will be speaking at the Unity Temple in Kansas City tomorrow evening. Check out details in the sidebar of the article. There will also be a book signing at the event sponsored by Rainy Day Books, an independent bookstore. Note that the admission price includes a copy of the book.

Ms. Kennedy says that poetry is a way for even the shy person to express themselves. I'm in agreement with her on that point. The shy person hides so much. That young man or girl who says so little may be speaking volumes inside. What better way to let those thoughts emerge than through a poem?

I would like to obtain a copy of this new poetry book and share it with my grandchildren, too. You can order it at Amazon or look for it at your local book store. Read it, then share it with those you care about, especially young people.

A Challenge: During this National Poetry Month write a poem, short or long, each day. On April 30th, you'll have a full folder of your poetry. Pick the ones you like best and revise and edit until you're satisfied. 

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