Monday, March 4, 2013

Write About Weddings

My niece's wedding cake
Last Friday, we talked about adding some memories of the month of March to your Family Stories and Memories Book. Today, give some thought to writing a story or a description of the weddings in your family.  This is something we should all share with others we care about.

No two weddings are alike. Some are beautiful and elegant beyond description while others are simple but still lovely. There are plenty of humorous stories to tell about wedding happenings--disasters that turned into a funny story later. The one common thing all weddings have is emotion and what better than that for a writer? Even sadness surrounds some weddings because of dislike or perhaps a serious illness in the family at the time of the wedding.

I wrote about my son's wedding 3 years ago on the 17th anniversary of that happy time. You can read about it here. I wrote a story about my own wedding three years ago on our 46th anniversary. Our ceremony and reception was quite small. Read about it at this link. My parents' wedding was altogether different from mine or my son's and certainly nothing like the large wedding my daughter had. See how very different that 1938 wedding was.

I just realized that I have not written about my daughter's wedding which occurred nearly eleven years ago. It needs to be next for sure. Her wedding was just the opposite of mine in size, and wha a grand and glorious day it was.

Maybe reading about the three weddings here today will trigger memories of your own wedding, or your children's or even your parents. Whichever one it is, take some time and write about it so that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have a record of the wedding days of your family. If you have pictures to add to it, all the better.

Our daughter's wedding in 2002

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