Monday, February 18, 2013

Take Time for History

(Note:  This is Tuesday's post which I am putting up Monday evening so we can be on the road early Tuesday a.m.)

The friends we are visiting took us to the Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum yesterday after a tour of Columbus, Georgia and lunch. Ken and I both enjoy museums. This one was of particular interest as I hadn't ever given much thought to the Confederates having a navy, but they most certainly did have a navy.

There were several school groups with tour guides in different areas today. I'm pleased that schools still take advantage of cultural and historically significant museums, monuments and similar places. It's important to learn the history of the country you live in.

Writers who concentrate on historical fiction, or nonfiction, must be avid museum visitors for research purposes. If you are going to attempt to write historical pieces, you should make every effort to make sure you are accurate.

Research done on the internet or at a library may work, but seeing the real thing up close has to be better.

We are driving on to Florida today. Maybe there will be another museum there to tour. 

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