Friday, February 22, 2013

Sand and Snow

Not sure how we did it, but it looks like we missed a huge snowstorm that rolled over Kansas the last couple days. Wichita had 14 inches, most in 50 years, and our town received well over 8. My daughter, south of Kansas City, estimated they had close to a foot. Her husband spent 2 hours making a normal 20 minute drive when he left his office at 11a.m. yesterday a.m.

Here, on the gulf coast of Florida, it is 80 degrees, sunny and a nice breeze. The water looks spectacular, lots of sailboats, birds diving for fish, even saw a dolphin pop up out of the water. The beach activity is fun to watch from the lanai as I sip coffee and whatever else is offered in the day or evening. Always a changing scene on the sands.

We're heading home tomorrow morning--a 3 day drive. But it looks like more snow coming across Kansas on either Sunday night or Monday. We hoped to be driving through Kansas Monday and arriving at home, but maybe not. Meanwhile, we must get through the southern states that have heavy rain predicted. I'm hopeful we can dodge the storms. Wellllllll, you knew I was an optimist.

I really do not like driving trips in the winter, and I've informed my husband of that so many times, but it does not seem to impress him one bit. He, who does all the driving!

I'm hoping to be able to post again on Monday. If not, you'll know I'm stuck somewhere with no wi-fi. The wi-fi in our friends' building is not working, so I am at their library writing this today. Missed yesterday as we were busy having fun.

Looking forward to getting back to a routine next week and writing about writing! Stay warm and stay safe.

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