Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dragons? Princesses? Write A Story For Kids

snowy winter

This is pretty close to what it looked like outside our house this morning. On Monday, it was 75 degrees, around 40 on Tuesday for a high, and then the snow came blowing in overnight. That's what winter is like in the central part of Kansas. Never boring as it's always changing. We welcome moisture in any form it comes as we live in an area now proclaimed Extreme Drought. 

But on to today's topic. Knowonder! magazine for kids has published the second volume of stories for kids at Amazon. The White Sail is filled with 31 stories of adventure and fun. It can be purchased in both print and ebook form at the nominal price of $5.95 and $2.99 respectively. 

My story, "Message In The Night," is included in this new volume. Knowonder! editors pull their most popular stories from the online magazine to make up these print books, so I was pretty pleased to be in both Volume 1 and 2. 

Right now, Knowonder! is looking for stories about princesses and dragons--either one or together. Deadline is February 7th. So, put those kid story brain waves in motion and see if you can come up with a story to submit. Check out the other themed issues here.

The online magazine started out printing one new story every day which was a gigantic project. They have done a revision of the magazine this year and now print one new story about 3 times a week. That makes the competitiion for writers a little tougher. They still pay $25 for stories 500-999 words and $50 for stories 1,000 words and up. Read the submission guidelines before submitting.

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  1. I have done up several kids' chapbooks of poetry