Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Gift For Bloggers

Free Christmas Present Clip Art Image: Gift Wrapped Christmas Present in Red and Green with a Gift Tag
It's that scratch-your-head time of year. What kind of gift are you going to give to your great-aunt who is in a nursing home, your dad who already has everything, your nephew who likes nothing anyone gives him? We often spend way too much time agonizing over what to give someone. We'd like it to please the recipient but finding that just right gift is not an easy task. We probably worry about it more than we should.

Those magazine and newspaper articles that publish gift-selection articles around this time of year can be a lot of help. I've found a few ideas in them that I might not have thought of myself. 

Today, I'd like to give you an idea of what to give your favorite bloggers. What? You're not planning on buying them a gift? Well, not to worry because the gift I have in mind will cost nothing but a few moments of your time. I have three gift ideas bloggers would appreciate. 

1.  Sign on as a Follower if you read the blog on a reasonably regular basis. Some editors look at the numbers and the bloggers keep track of increases in the number, as well. 

2.  Pass the blog on to others. This is one way bloggers increase the traffic to the blog. Word of mouth advertising has always helped retailers, contractors, and service people. Works the same for bloggers.

3.  Leave a comment on the posts you especially like, or even those where you disagree. It's gratifying to bloggers to receive comments. Keeps them from wondering Does anybody care about what I write?

So, there you are--3 gift ideas. No cost. No wrapping. No shipping. Time involved is minimal. 


  1. I am now following you by email. (In that way I get to see new posts on my iPhone). I also shared this on my Twitter feed and my Facebook blog page. I admit I don't comment as much as I should.

  2. I agree, all the bloggers I know work really hard and we can support each other easily for free! rose

    PS - HoHoHO - Merry Christmas