Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Picture Prompt Exercise

How about trying another picture prompt exercise? Use the picture above to tell a story, or even the beginning of a story. You might look at the picture and think There's no person in the picture. How will I tell a story about a road and a stone fence? 

The answer, of course, is to use your imagination. Ask yourself some questions like the following:

1. What time of year is it?
2.  Why is the gate standing open?
3.  What is that building that is inside the gate?
4.  Who might be walking down the road?
5.  Are they leaving or just arriving?
6.  What is the reason? 
7.  What do they look like?
8.  Are there other people walking on the road?
9.  What do the garden flowers and shrubs indicate?
10. What does the stone fence, the gate and lanterns indicate?

Start writing and keep going as long as you can. Whether you end up with one paragraph or twelve is not important. The reason for a picture prompt is to get a story started. The more often you do an exercise like this, the easier it becomes. You'll be exercising your imagination in a big way. So, go for it!

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