Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Book For Writers

Nancy Pickard
Nancy Pickard

Nancy Pickard writes award winning mystery novels. She could easily stop there but she hasn't done that. Instead, she speaks to writers at conferences and has written a book to help writers as they move through the writing journey. She's willing to share her knowledge to help others. I've been privileged to hear her speak more than once and to have worked on a conference committee with her. She's a kind, thoughtful person as well as a successful writer. One of her publications is a good reference book.

This small in size but large in content book is titled Seven Steps On The Writer's Path. It's organized  in chapters that address a lot of the emotional aspects of becoming or continuing as a writer. The co-author of the book, Lynn Lott, is a Family Therapist. The blending of the writer's mind and the therapist's has produced a book worthy of a place on your professional bookshelf.

The chapter headings are listed below. You can go to Nancy Pickard's website to read her own summary of each one. I hope you will be inspired to read the entire book. It's a book that impressed me in my own journey in the writing world. While you're at the website, cruise through the other pages to learn more about this fine novelist.

Chapter 1:  Unhappiness

Chapter 2:  Wanting

Chapter 3:  Commitment

Chapter 4:  Wavering

Chapter 5:  Letting Go

Chapter 6:  Immersion

Chapter 7:  Fulfillment

Check with your local library or purchase the book at Amazon. There is a paperback edition and also one for the Kindle. It's a well-seasoned book, published in 2003, but still very relevant today.

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