Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Of My Favorite Places

I've written many times about the joy and benefit of being a library patron. One of the short essays I wrote about libraries can be read here.  Another about how I was introduced to the library and what it has always meant to me can be read here.

When I saw the poster with Albert Einstein's quote yesterday, I knew I would have to share it with you. Think about the times Einstein lived in. The library offered so much to all who took advantage of their services. As the professor said, you could find almost anything there. But, unlike today, you had to work at it.

Remember the alphabetized card catalog with little notecards on the front telling you which letters the drawer held? Our school librarian taught us how to use this index of all the books in the library. She also made sure we learned the Dewey Decimal System. Mrs. Peterson, my school librarian, taught me another lesson that goes for anywhere. We sat at tables in the library, not desks.I can hear her now saying, "When you leave, you chair should be placed under the table as you found it. Do not leave it parked away from the table." To this day, I am still careful to always return my chair to the proper place, whether it be at my dining room table or in a public place. 

The public library also had librarians who could help patrons find whatever information they had come for. They still do this today, but instead of the card catalog, they might refer you to one of the computers that hold the inventory of all the books, music CDs, artwork, and more. She could possibly refer you to the Technology Center for help, too. Or she might check on her own computer for the information you need. 

Today, you can also google on your own computer for help on any and all subjects. I'm still a strong library user. I've learned its location in every town I've lived in, usually within the first few days of residence. If I knew where the grocery store and the library were located, I knew I'd be OK.

Your library is filled with items that will increase your knowledge, entertain you, and, if you're like me, soothe your soul. Visit a library soon.

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