Monday, August 20, 2012

A Really Good Friday Afternoon

We're traveling right now and so my computer time is limited because of the driving time, visiting family and friends and now in Door County, Wisconsin, where there is much to explore. Last Friday afternoon, I did a quick check on facebook and found an announcement of the People's Choice awards given at Knowonder! online magazine for kids. You may remember that I won second place in that category in June for Message in the Night.

Then there was one more award announced for the month of July and that was the Editor's Choice award. My story, Just Plain Sarah Jane, was the winner! What a surprise! The editor had selected my story out of the 31 published that month. There is a cash prize that goes with the award, and while that is very nice and appreciated by any writer who receives it, the thrill of being chosen takes top place for me.

It made me want to write another story that I can submit to Knowonder! Definitely a good incentive. I may never win another award at this magazine, but that's OK. This one will be remembered and it will make me want to encourage other writers to try this market. Getting paid for the story is good, but with the possibility of winning one of these monthly awards, it's even better.

It will also be nice to be able to advertise the fact that I am an award-winning writer when I approach the editor of a new market, when I want to blow my horn a bit to get a speaking engagement. That information can make an editor take me seriously.

Thanks to Phillip Chipping and his assistant editors for making my Friday a really good one.

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