Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keyword Number Two--Perseverance

It seems only right that I balance yesterday's post on patience with the second keyword for writers--perseverance.

I once met a writer who said she had given up her day job to concentrate on writing. She'd add extra income to the family by selling the stories and articles she planned to write. I am not one to try and discourage someone who has a goal in mind and a passion for what they do. So, I kept my mouth shut, which isn't easy for I'm a person who likes to talk, and I like to help other people.

The woman wrote well but she'd underestimated the stiff competition in the writing world. It wasn't long before she became disgruntled and depressed over her lack of publication success. She gave up and started a business far removed from writing. I felt bad about her quitting something that she had a talent for. I think she stopped too soon. If she'd persevered, she might have a good freelance business going by now. 

Sometimes it's easier to give up than to keep going. It often takes far longer than we like to see results. When I made my first sale to a children's magazine, I was ecstatic. I kept writing stories for kids and sending them to various publications but the next sale didn't happen for quite a long time. Along with the first two sales, I had many rejections. Part of the reason was that I had the basics but I hadn't learned some of the finer points of good writing. That happened after I joined a critique group and benefited from a group of seasoned writers. 

Perseverance brings to mind another word. I think you have to be a little bit stubborn to keep going when things aren't panning out as you hoped. You need an I'll show them! attitude. Whatever it takes to attain your goals, stay with it. 

Put perseverance alongside patience and you'll have a winning combination. I wrote a family story many years ago that revolved around the word perseverance. It's a true story written as fiction, the way I think it could have happened. Read The No-Name Sisters to see how Katie persevered. She didn't give up, and neither should you.


  1. I guess I needed that kick in the fanny today...Thanks

  2. Nancy, I seem to remember you called me Princess of Perseverance last year because I finally got one essay accepted that had been rejected 72 times. Nevertheless, I must say even I get discouraged sometimes. It's really hard to keep sending your stuff out when all you get back are rejections.

  3. I loved your story, Nancy! Your message applies to so many areas in life, thanks for the reminder!