Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't Forget Vacation Stories

Hula Hoops while waiting for dinner
Gracen's first fish

 My two children and their families spent four days at Lake of the Ozarks together this past week-end. Our granddaughter, Gracen--age 13, kept us in-the-know about their activities through many pictures posted on facebook. 
I've encouraged you all to keep a family stories notebook, adding things to it each month. Vacation stories are well worth saving and adding to your memory book. My grandchildren will probably always remember the four days spent together in the summer of 2012. Gracen got to fish, something she'd never done before. They skipped across the lake in the pontoon boat, played on the beach at Captain Ron's restaurant, swam in the pool and the lake and ate lots of good food.

Wouldn't it be nice if one of them wrote about it and saved the story to read later when they are adults and maybe parents themselves? Can you think back to some of the memorable vacations your family had? Maybe it was a huge cross-country trip or perhaps only a week-end at a cottage on a lake. Was your family one that took vacations every year or only once in a great while? Did you ever go abroad with your family? Or did you take advantage of things a big city nearby offered? Did something funny happen on a family vacation? Or did something disastrous occur? Did you hate family vacations or love them?

A few more vacation pictures below. Today, think about your favorite vacation memories and then write about them. Make this a Memorable Monday.

Cole is the lookout on the boat
Alexis and Jordan on the dock
Cole catching up on some zzzz's on the way  home


  1. Hey Mom, that is actually Jordan and Alexis on the Dock (2nd to last picture).

  2. Hey Mom, that is actually Alexis and Jordan at the dock. (2nd to last picture).