Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Doing The Happy Dance Today

Last night, I received unexpected and happy news. My story, Message in the Night, won second place in the People's Choice Awards at Knowonder magazine for children.

I've written here about this online magazine a number of times hoping to give them a plug, also to encourage those who write for children to submit stories, and because I hold them in high regard. Editor, Phillip Chipping, is passionate about reading with and to children and promoting fine stories on a daily basis for families who visit the website.

Each month, four stories receive awards with a monetary prize of different amounts. One is Editor's Choice which needs no further explanation. The People's Choice Awards are given to the three stories receiving the most votes for the month. Readers vote by clicking on the stars at the end of the story plus leave comments.

My story is a historical fiction adventure tale. Whether it was the adventure or the historical aspect that won the praise, I don't know. Could be that it was a combination of both. I have always enjoyed reading historical fiction and I've found that it's also fun to write. I love the fact that this is a very painless way to learn history.

If you write for children, be sure to consider this paying market for your stories but follow the guidelines with care. They spell out exactly what the editorial group is looking for.  Note that the guidelines page offers both a short and a long version. It will be to your benefit to read the longer version which gives examples. The first story I had published at Knowonder! is used as an example in the guidelines. Having There's A Dragon In The Library  cited on this page made me feel very good. 


  1. My sister, Cindy, writes some children's stories. I'll encourage her to check this out.

  2. Yay! You are such an inspiration to me!!!