Friday, July 20, 2012

3 Ways To Help A Blogger

Bloggers help a lot of people, but  as a reader, you can be of some assistance to the bloggers, too.

1. Sign on to Follow:  It's free, requires a few seconds of your time to sign up and is a boost to the blogger. It commits you to nothing. Never judge a blog by the number of Followers as there are always many more readers than the number of Followers shows. You can show a blogger that you like what you read by signing on.

2. Make Comments:  Bloggers like to have responses to the posts they write. It lets them know what subjects to continue with, or even those to never touch again. Comments from readers also gives a blogger a reason to keep posting. All comments need not be complimentary. If you disagree with something the blogger writes, let them know you do and why. Nicely, of course!

3. Pass the blog on to others:  If you like a blog, don't keep it to yourself. Let your friends know that you find something beneficial at XXX Blog most of the time, that you enjoy it or learn from it, are even inspired by it. Bloggers often gain readers in this way. 


  1. Hello Nancy! Nice post, especially since I'm getting back into the blogging world! (I like your background, by the way.) I just started a new blog at if you would like to check it out. We came back two weeks ago from a trip to England, Scotland and Amsterdam and I'm trying to organize my photos today for a blog post. I hope you're doing well and writing as always!

    Michelle Meyer

  2. Your blog is a featured link on my new web design, Nancy. I only have three that I am putting up, but will place other writing blogs that I feel are worth a look, as I go along. Almost ready to publish the redesign and you'll be a part of it girlie! =)