Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Smooth Doesn't Always Happen

Last week, on Monday, I had my first cataract surgery. It was incredible! I had no discomfort (did you know that is the word drs use instead of pain?) and my vision was sharp and clear right from the start. I was thrilled. Yesterday, I had the second eye done but the process was not the same. I did have some discomfort in that eye all day. Not major but uncomfortable. I also did not have the same sharp vision that I'd experienced the first time. In fact, it was rather blurry. Ken and I surmised that sometimes it takes time for the lens to settle into the eye and that once the giant pupil shrinks back to normal, it could be better. The eye is dilated to a large proportion for the surgery.

This morning, my left eye feels better, the vision is improved although still not as good as the first eye. I see the dr for a recheck in an hour. I'm anxious to talk to her to learn why this second surgery did not go as smoothly as the first one.

It's not much different with our writing projects. Some of them are smooth as cream, while others meet one little bump after another. Wouldn't we love it if every story we wrote went together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Fit a piece here, a piece there and soon we have a lovely picture all completed, ready to be admired. I fear it's only an occasional story that works that way.

More often, we fit several pieces of the puzzle together but find that more are missing. Why isn't the story working? What else does it need? How would it be better? Why is it flat? Where's the punch? Why isn't there more emotion?

Step back and try to assess the story with objective eyes. So easy to say and ever so hard to do. Let the story rest a few days. Read it aloud. All of these things may help you fix whatever is wrong.

When a writing project does not go as smoothly as you hoped, the important thing is to keep working on it. But if you get totally bogged down with more going wrong than right, put it away for an extended period of time. When you next look at it, you might be able to fix it right away. Remember--smooth doesn't always happen

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  1. So sorry things are blurry today, I hope they clear up soon. Modern eye surgery is a miracle, though. Cataract removal used to be followed by six weeks flat on your back. I had a friend who defied the instructions, and blindness resulted. So sad.