Friday, May 4, 2012

A Writer's Walk

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This morning, I rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes and headed outside to walk. The 'suddenly summer' weather means my walks must be taken early in the day.

It was only 71 degrees but humid and with very little breeze. I was stiff this morning as I often am, thanks to Mr. Arthritis who visits me in the early hours of the day.

I headed to the walking trail not far from our house. It's a nice place to exercise with the backyards of homes on either side. Lots of trees, shrubs and flower beds to catch the eye. Birdsong usually keeps me company. I've been trying to get the walking habit back after a long hiatus. Need to shed about six pounds that has a death grip on my hips and also on doctor's orders to get moving to get my blood pressure down a little, too.

When you ache, it's hard to keep those feet moving. Before I'd gotten halfway on my usual route, I was ready to quit, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I looked ahead at the upward incline and the long way to the turning point. I didn't want to keep going. Each move hurt, but I kept on. I knew that each step was getting me closer to the place where I could turn and head toward home. Home was where my chair, the newspaper and a cup of coffee waited for me. A worthy goal!

When I made the turn and headed back toward home, the steps didn't seem quite so bad. Then, I started getting a little of breath. It takes awhile to get back into the walking for exercise habit. I started to sweat and my hips were crying for some relief. But I put one foot in front of the other and kept moving. Before long, I could see my house and my steps quickened. I could almost smell the coffee!

My writer's journey has been much the same way. I've had goals in my writing world and I've tried to reach them one step at a time. I've met obstacles along the way but I've made progress, even if it seems to come slowly at times. It's not so hard if you keep on putting one foot in front of the other.

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